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Hey Ladies,

While we are on the discussion of prints, let’s discuss a print that is wild but more so crazy. Crazy?! You say, yes crazy! Polka Dots are crazy, but I must admit they are tons and tons of fun. There is nothing like wearing all polka dots or mixing and matching polka dots.

Let’s start off with the all polka dots, meaning you a are wearing a polka dot top and polka dot bottom, too much you say, let me show you how to break it up. First, grab a belt; now remember you are breaking up polka dots so you want a bright belt that makes a statement. Once you have added your belt now it’s time to add some shoes that make a statement to the outfit as well. Now let’s add the real fun accessories, my favorite! So, you have on your statement belt and your statement shoes, your purse can’t be a statement piece, why? Because that’s too many statements in one outfit. So grab a big sloppy clutch or a big sloppy tote bag. Now, if you are looking in the mirror and it’s still too much for you, do
not go grab a blazer or jacket. I repeat do no go grab a blazer or jacket, this time you just want to add a nice necklace and a pair of dashing studs or fierce hoops. See how easy that was, it wasn’t hard at all. Now you’re feeling all crazy in your polka dots….. Kind of like a dotted attitude!

On to the next one mixing and matching with polka dots, you can definitely do this with a dotted top or bottom, but this time around we are going to use the dotted bottom. Your bottoms are polka dotted; now let’s go in the closet and pick out a nice solid bright top. Now, of course you are mixing and matching so throw on whatever shoes you like. As a matter of fact throw on your favorite shoes. Now it’s time for the blazer or jacket, it can be a nice solid color or printed one and the same thing goes with your purse. You can choose any purse that you like, just make sure it’s calm cool and collective. This time what you aren’t going to do is grab a necklace, you have all this polka dot mixing and matching going on and you aren’t trying to draw any attention to your neck. As a matter of fact go and grab some nice calm cool and collective studs. Now, your outfit is complete and you should be feeling crazy dotted and extremely sexy!

I hope you ladies enjoyed my crazy antics behind polka dots, believe me I know because I tried it for myself. Below you can check out the way I dotted my attitude and sexiness… Then you try it and tell me how it went.

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