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Giving Your Body the Shape You Want


I know there are times that we have those moments looking in the mirror and we want to give our body another shape or give some parts a different definition. Did you know that you can do these things with simple pieces of clothing? We are going to start off with my ultimate favorite denim which is the Mid-rise and High Waist denim.

The reason I love them so much is because they lift my butt and make it look nice and round. Can you tell a butt is something I am in lack of? But who cares that’s why I buy Mid-rise and High Waist denim people will never know.

Another piece of clothing that helps is a V-neck shirt, because they make the boobs look a little bigger then what they actually are. I’m not saying a deep V-neck shirt, we still want to be ladies. The regular V-neck works great, it falls at the right part of your cleavage to where they bring it together and make it look nice and sexy if and when worn correctly.


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