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Hey Beautiful,

We are coming to the end of a beautiful month and I hope you all definitely had a great time wearing your pink and representing something so important for us women. I hope you wore pink for everyday of October, yes pink it out absolutely. While we are still having fun pinking it out with tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes, accessories and etc, let’s not forget the significance of this month. I hope you ladies went and did the breast cancer walk, or donated to a charity or even went to get yourself checked out and most importantly took time out to actually pray for someone who was fighting the battle or prayed for a friend of a friend, because you never know what’s going to come knocking on your door step. The great news about doing the things that I stated above, you can still do them fabulous and fly. Yes, let’s represent us women the correct way of course wearing pink but also wearing it fabulous and fly.

I put together a collage for you ladies to see how many things there are pink out there to look fabulous and fly in so we can represent the correct way. You know some many people think breast cancer month, let me get out my sweats, oversize t-shirt and sport gear. I am here to tell you let’s get out of that mind-set and start think of breast cancer month as an excuse to wear pink everyday and look fabulous and fly, without someone asking you “Why you wear pink everyday?” Ya’ll know ya’ll know them people too. As we come to the end of October Breast Cancer Awareness month, let’s close it out with some chic, classy, elegant and edgy pink that brings it to life! You know yes we want to remember the ones you fought the battle and you are fighting the battle, but don’t wear your pink sad.

Wear it proud and happy because with or without breast cancer we are women and we should be proud of us and proud to represent the ones you had strength to fight it. Breast Cancer is not the end it is the beginning of the Proud Pink Woman, who is going through a journey full of everything pink! Represent your pink proudly with an extra side of fabulous and fun.

Love You Guys

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