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Back in 2010 I saw this special air; Giuliana Rancic interviewed Lindsey Avner who is the founder of the national non-profit organization Bright Pink. Since watching this interview I’ve had tremendous admiration for Avner and her organization. They truly do amazing work to help young women and promote early detection and prevention. Their site has become a great resource for me when it comes to questions about Breast Cancer, so after finding this interview on YouTube I had to share it.

What I love most about this interview is how everything is explained and broken down. ¬†They are not using a bunch of medical jargon that goes over one’s head. Plus, Avner comes from a place of understanding what it means to deal with Breast and Ovarian Cancer which she will talk about in the video.


When this interview aired Giuliana Rancic had yet to be was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. In October of 2011 she announced on television that she was diagnosed with the early stages of Breast Cancer and was going to have a lumpectomy. A lumpectomy is surgery where the tumor or cancer area and some of the normal tissue around it is removed. After her surgery she later had a double mastectomy and reconstruction which is procedure where the entire breast tissue is removed.

What I admire most about Rancic in all this is that despite what she has been going through she is constantly staying strong and encouraging women to be proactive when it comes to their health. While many celebrities would keep quite about their health, she has been open about it and used her experience as an example to teach other women. Now that Rancic is in remission she is actively involved in Breast Cancer Awareness efforts, events, and continues to work with Bright Pink.

Enjoy this two-part interview that Rancic has with Avner as they discuss Breast Cancer, Bright Pink, and about you going to 2nd Base with you.

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