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Anyone who has been in a relationship, either romantic or non-romantic, knows that it takes work for it to grow. One person can’t develop it by themselves, it takes both parties. Unfortunately, some people just don’t want to put forth the effort.

In a previous post I spoke about my friend who is now in a long distance relationship. Lately she has been the one maintaining things while her boyfriend use to her not being around. While he is out with his friends hanging out, she is at home waiting by the phone for him to call. She won’t do anything at night so she can be by the phone for his call.She has recently started calling him because he hasn’t called her just to insure that they talk.

In order for a relationship to be properly maintained both people have to be putting in time and effort. A relationship isn’t really a relationship if everything is directed one way instead of flowing back and forth. Things can’t last on one person’s endeavors, both people have to be involved or let the relationship go.

For my friend, it’s unknown what is going to happen with her relationship. She’s eventually going to get tired of waiting for her boyfriend to spend time with her and that’s when things will happen. Putting forth the effort will make a relationship mature while not doing it will make it falter.

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  1. On December 1, 2010 at 2:55 am Melzie responded with... #

    It sure does, and is double the work when distance is involved. Some folks aren’t cut out for it, but like you’ve said it takes work from both ends. Discussing basic expectations from the jump also helps.

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