Say Something Good

They say that it takes anywhere from five to seven seconds for someone to make good or bad first impression. Unfortunately, as soon as some people open their mouth they already blew it. When it comes to starting that first conversation it has to be something good.

So many men believe that “spitting game” is the way to charm a lady and get her number. Let me be the first to say that it does the exact opposite. The one liners are usually a turn off and most of the ones that are used have been said too many times.

Instead of saying some one liner to a women just be yourself. Many women just want a man to be normal, introduce himself, and some would say state their intentions. That’s all you have to say; nothing outrageous or mind-blowing because all it does is make us walk away.

In the seconds that it takes to make and impression on the opposite sex, think about what one wants to hear. Would a quick one liner be the thing to win someone over, or would it be something real and honesty? Whichever way one decides the conversation should go, it has to be good.

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