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I will admit that whenever I am on my computer that I’m on some social site doing stuff. I like the accessibility of being a part of a social site but at the same time there is something about it. So what is it about social networks that make them so attractive?

I know that this post isn’t like what I typically write but Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter along with other sites are a part of our generation. This is how we communicate with each other, stay updated on current events, and make new acquaintances. Though, as a journalist social media is a gateway to attracting readers and interacting with everyone. It is a new component that further enhances our art, yet many people see it only as a commodity.

I guess this all came to me over the weekend when I was discussing social media with someone. They believe that being on social sites does not help people with their careers, especially when a person is trying to be a journalist. I tried to explain to them how social media is making the way to bigger things.

What makes it the most attractive is all the capabilities that being a part of a site can bring. People are finding new ways to expand the uses of social media. So who knows who will be the next Mark Zuckerberg or what will be the next Facebook, only time will tell.

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