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Battle of the Mind

Are you aware that there’s a battle going on in your mind? Right now thoughts, both positive and negative, are running through your mind. These thoughts can be all over the place:

“Will I ever find the right person to spend my life with?”

“Are they talking about me?”

“Do I have what it takes to achieve the life I want?”

I’ve dealt with most of this just last week and I’ve found a few techniques that helped me win. Here’s some things you can use to fight against the noise that your mind comes up with.

Learn to Laugh at Yourself: One time I was hanging out with my friend and received a page long text message from another friend that I wasn’t in a place to read. So out-loud I said, “I don’t know why she sent me this long text message, she knows I can’t read.” That wasn’t what I meant to say, but my friend busted out laughing and once I realized what I said I did too.

We all have our moments when we do something silly or dumb so don’t let it embarrass you. Laugh at it because getting worked up about it doesn’t make what happened go away. Just laugh about it and keep going.

Don’t Let Your Mind Wonder: Whenever I have to deal with an uncomfortable situation or something new I get nervous and my mind goes straight into worst case scenario mode. For instance if I’m speaking to a group I think about not pronouncing words correctly, stuttering, or just forgetting English all together. I’ve had to recognize this habit and work on not letting my mind wander to the negative.

If we focus on the a negative outcome or other people then we are doomed from the start. We need to watch our thoughts and think positive so that can be our reality.

Know Yourself and Speak That Truth: One day at work a stranger came in for an appointment and gave me some advice that’s stayed with me. She said that women need to know with a doubt who they are, but many of us don’t know or forget during times of weakness. We need to tell ourselves that truth so that we need it we will know.

Since that day I take a couple of minutes in the morning to speak into myself who I am and want to be. I am beautiful, smart, ambitious, and strong. Today I want to be patient, understanding, and more confident than yesterday. We need to do this so we can go into that daily battle with our hearts prepared to knock out any noise that comes our way.


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2 Responses to “Battle of the Mind”

  1. On June 26, 2012 at 7:46 am Sunny responded with... #

    This is a good post… at the first one…I do things like that all the time. LOL

  2. On June 26, 2012 at 12:30 pm Hanz Nobe responded with... #

    I think we all do this a little bit.

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