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For years I have written and talked about how I want to go on a real vacation and I’m happy to say that I finally went to see a place on my bucket list two weeks ago. I love history and historical sites, so visiting Washington D.C. has always been a place that I’ve wanted to see. After getting a chance to go and reflecting on my trip, I now have a new perspective on what it means to have a bucket list.

My bucket list consist of places that I want to go and goals I would love to accomplish. Ultimately it’s a list of “someday” achievements; but after going to D.C. I’m wondering why does can’t that someday be right now? I’ve looked at pictures of the monuments and tourist attractions in Washington many times hoping that I would be able to see them. However, every time I would start planning a trip life would get in the way; I lost my job, didn’t have the money, my friends and family didn’t want to go, or the timing didn’t seem right. It wasn’t until I had a terrible week and became frustrated that I went ahead and bought non-refundable plane tickets.

After that going on this trip was apart of my schedule and there was no turning back or excuses that could be made. I went to Washington, got to see the places I’ve always wanted to visit (which was mostly the White House), and felt that I accomplished a dream. Since then I’ve realized that there’s no need to put things off or let excuses get in the way because that keeps us from living our lives. If I let all the things that happened hold me back I wouldn’t have gone then I¬†would still be hoping to go.

If there is anything that you take away from this post, know that life is too short to put of living till later. There are tons of people in this world that have regrets about not achieving or going to do something, and my goal is to not be one of them. If you want something then go after it, because there’s no better time to live then now.

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