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What We Can Learn from Gabby Douglas

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If you haven’t heard about her already or about her accomplishments at the 2012 Summer Olympics then you’re crazy not know about Gabby Douglas. After only 6 days of competing in London for the US team Douglas has won two gold medals; one for winning Women’s Individual All-Arounds and the other from Women’s Team.

By age sixteen she has been able to accomplish more than most people are capable or willing to do in a lifetime. From watching her compete I’ve come to realize that there’s a few things we can learn from Gabby ‘flying squirrel’ Douglas.

Stay With It:
From reading Douglas’ Official Site she started doing gymnastics at the age 3 and formally at 6-years-old. When she started out it was her along with her older sister, but then she to grow and strive within the sport and kept going. She found her talent within gymnastics and used her drive to take her all the way to the Olympics.

Once we find what makes us happy and our niche then we owe it to ourselves to pursue it. Use those skills to become better at that craft and aim to be the best at it. Don’t worry about what other people do or those that are in the same arena as you, only be concerned with your lane and growth.

Have Courage/ Take Risk:
Another interesting part in Douglas’ story is when she turned 14 she moved away from her home in Virginia Beach to Iowa to live with a host family in order to train with Coach Liang Chow. So for a couple of years she has away from her mother, siblings, and what’s familiar. She had the courage to move to a new environment so she could continue her dreams.

Many times our fears and insecurities can get the best of us and keep us from going after what we really want to achieve. We have to see those challenges head on and keep moving toward our goals. It’s going to be scary, I won’t doubt that Douglas was scared living her family, but taking some risk will show our strength.

Never Give Up:
This past March Douglas competed in the Pacific Rim Championship where she injured her ankle while doing her vault routine. Despite her injury she continued to compete and was able to win a gold medal for uneven bars in the final round. Months later she wins the guaranteed spot on the US team and we know the rest of the story.

The point is to never give up on your dreams and goals like she did. Douglas didn’t let her injured ankle defeat her, and we can’t let life’s trials do that either. Ultimately, we are all meant to make a difference and do something great but if we don’t go after it and stay with it then we will never come full-circle as we’ve seen Gabby Douglas has this Olympic season.

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4 Responses to “What We Can Learn from Gabby Douglas”

  1. On August 4, 2012 at 6:23 pm C.Hayes responded with... #

    She does have quite an amazing story. Even at 16, athlete or not, we can all learn something significant from this young girl. Such a beautiful & talented individual.


    • On August 10, 2012 at 12:50 am jenndiva responded with... #

      I definitely agree with you on that and I hope that other young women see that as well. What I love most about her is that she’s not just a role model of young girls, but I’ve learned a lot from her too. Seeing her determination and strength has translated over to how I view my life and makes we want to aim higher.

  2. On August 6, 2012 at 6:44 pm Up4Dsn responded with... #

    This was a great post. Watching Gabby perform was definitely a remarkable sight to behold. Now from reading this post, I see all of the things that can be taken away from her hard work, dedication and performance.

    • On August 26, 2012 at 11:57 pm jenndiva responded with... #

      Thank you! I loved watching Gabby Douglas perform too at the Olympics along with the other members of the women’s gymnastics team. Actually the whole 2012 Olympics was great to watch this year. I enjoyed watching all the events.

      I just took an interest in Gabby from watching her during the team try-outs and wanted to learn her story. After seeing what she went through to get where she is it made me see what we can learn from her. I’m so happy that you see it as well!

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