Flaws and All

One of my favorite sayings is this; we live our lives with two faces, the one that we want the world to see and the one that we hide. When it comes to dating, we hide the our other side in fear of rejection and how the other person will see us. So we control what people see and know, but doesn’t that also keep us from knowing if our man really cares for us?

One thing that I admired about my ex boyfriend was that he could always tell between the real me versus the person that I am to the rest of the world. When I had to be strong or really goofy he would always point out that I was being the real Jennifer. Then when I would be shy and quiet then he would say that I was being the person I want the people to see. One night he told me that even though I don’t always show that other side of myself, he liked seeing that person and hopes that someday I will be open to being that person.

I haven’t figured out why I hide certain parts of myself and my personality from others, I guess it goes back to fear of rejection. However, I do know that having our flaws on display for everyone to see can be frightening, especially when it’s in front of someone we care about. We don’t want our imperfections, short comings, or maybe even our baggage to be the reason they look at us differently. At some point though we have to let go of our fear and put that out there.

We will not be able to tell if someone cares about us if we are not willing to share who we are with that person. We have to open ourselves up and if that person can’t accept our flaws and baggage; and that’s how we will know if they’re right for us. If your guy has see you at your worst with all your flaws out on the table and they were not phased by it, then you can rest knowing that you can be your true self around them.

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  1. On August 1, 2012 at 12:12 pm C.Hayes responded with... #

    This is true….we do usually have 2 sides, but I think both is our true self. We are a complex design with many layers and the more we spend time with someone, the more those layers peel away.


    • On August 5, 2012 at 11:47 pm jenndiva responded with... #

      I couldn’t agree more. I know that I personally go into relationships and friendships with my guard up just because I don’t want to expose myself too soon. I have to make sure that I can trust the person and build help to letting down those walls.

      After writing this post I’ve been think about this topic and see that it’s all about being exposed. We only feel comfortable doing it in front of certain people and those we can trust. So that plays a big role in this.

      Thanks for your comment!

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