D.W.K.- Lost Post Pt. 1

Over the past couple of months I’ve been posting this series which gives Divas a way to ask your questions. I’ve sent them to our panel of guys to answer and once I get their emails back I have to pick which ones to put up for Wednesday, and while so of them are good only a few make it. Now I want to go back and give those answers that didn’t make it the first time the opportunity to be featured. Here’s what you didn’t see…

What are your fears about being in a romantic relationship and why?

Because I’m more open with my emotions I used to be afraid of scaring a woman off, appearing clingy, giving a little too much too soon. To protect myself I used to try to shut down my feelings so as to not to appear “soft” or “emo.” That only led to a breakdown in communication and ultimately the demise of the relationship. I had to come to embrace my own dating style and now I’m very happy with the woman I’m with because she appreciates that openness.  -@thegentmovement

Would you be bothered if you were dating or married to a woman that was more successful or made more money than you? Why or why not?

Not at all! I would support her to the fullest. The amount of money she made would have nothing to do with the way I viewed her or how much I loved her. She could be the breadwinner and it wouldn’t bother me at all. I would love her all the same.  -@up4dsn

What are your ‘deal breakers’ in terms of someone you are considering being serious with?

A non-believer would be a deal breaker. A few things turn me off but may not be deal breakers necessarily. I would have to take each one as they are presented. Random observation: Usually we hide any serious flaws from our past or perhaps our character until after we get to know someone at which point you now have energy, emotion & time vested. While energy and possibly emotion are renewable, time is not & what you view as a deal breaker is now a tough decision. -@therealunknown

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2 Responses to “D.W.K.- Lost Post Pt. 1”

  1. On June 7, 2012 at 7:47 am Sunny responded with... #

    Glad you shared these….

    I feel the same way @thegentmovement used to feel.

    • On June 15, 2012 at 1:17 am jenndiva responded with... #

      Thank you! The idea for the “lost post” series just came to me one night. Lol. I really liked a lot of the answers the guys sent me, but a lot of them never made it on the site. So I just wanted to highlight those great answers.

      Thanks for checking it out.

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