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Give it Time

Not too long ago I wrote about my trouble with practicing patience and I’m slowly starting to find some answers. Even though I haven’t found a way to be patient all the time, I am starting to understand the principle. As hard as it is to be patient and there is a reason why time […]

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The Path to Patience

The Path to Patience

Patience is a virtue that I just can’t seem to master. I have tried and tried but nothing seems to happen. It seems to be beyond me. Why is it so hard to acquire patience? This week I have been waiting on some career related news to come. This will determine a lot of other things […]

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Meaning of Money

It’s amazing to me how people are so caught up in having the newest and biggest thing that they will risk being financially stable to have stuff. Here, in our early twenties we have to have the newest technology when most of us are still paying for basic necessities. With all the new electronics, clothes, […]

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